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Increased Followers by 24K

Asteria: Magic Elixirs

Creawik concocted an artistic spell, infusing Asteria's essence into every design, blending mixology mastery with visual sorcery. From sizzling soirées to brew-tiful concoctions, each post was a canvas of creativity.

Breathing life into Asteria's digital realm, navigating the seas of social media, and painting an epic saga through pixels and posts.Witness the enchantment! 24K new followers pledged their allegiance, drawn by the allure of carefully concocted designs. These designs weren’t just images; they were a symphony, harmonizing Asteria's spirit with the community's desires.


Elevating Asteria's social media presence and crafting engaging designs to captivate their audience in the ever-evolving world of social.


Through a fusion of creativity and strategy, Creawik dived into Asteria Pub & Bar's brand ethos, infusing it into each post design. From vibrant event announcements to mouthwatering drink specials, every design was meticulously crafted to entice and engage the audience.


The impact was palpable. Witnessing a substantial growth of 24K followers speaks volumes about the resonance of the content. The design choices were more than just visuals; they were a catalyst for fostering a loyal community around the Asteria brand.

Design Highlights

From brochures to digital assets, every marketing collateral was designed to convey Feliolia's story cohesively. Our approach emphasized clear messaging, captivating visuals, and a seamless brand narrative across various platforms to engage and enchant the audience.

Impact and Result

The collaboration between Creawik and Feliolia resulted in a brand identity that resonated deeply with the target audience. The cohesive branding strategy contributed to increased brand recognition, customer engagement, and a strengthened brand image within the competitive cosmetic industry. The Feliolia cosmetic branding project stands as a testament to Creawik's commitment to crafting compelling brand experiences that transcend aesthetics to connect with hearts and minds.

Our Role

Crafting Asteria Pub & Bar's Social Story

Design Constellations

Creawik's design constellations lit up the social sky. Event promotions were shooting stars, and drink specials were comets leaving trails of desire. Consistency and experimentation collided in a breathtaking collision of innovation.

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